Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It was this big! at Lounge on the Farm 2013

It's almost time for Lounge on the Farm - my third visit, but first as a performer - and I'm staving off my terror at agreeing to write flash fiction live in front of an audience, using words they've just given us, by making a poster. Very primary school. Very soothing.

I'm working at Lounge with two friendsfrom the ReAuthoring Project, Will Sutton and Chris Tinniswood. Will's first novel - a Victorian detective extravangaza - launches next week, and I hope he'll be telling our Lounge audience a new story featuring his splendid lead character Lawless. Chris's Nostradormouse has gone international, but is keeping quiet for Lounge, as Chris is revealing a very different kind of story on Saturday.

I'll be telling two stories - one incredibly short, and one rather longer, and that's all I'm going to say for now.

And finally, Will's written us a song - he sent us over a sound file this morning, and I rather suspect I'm supposed to be practising.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bus stop graffiti

I caught the bus into town and because I hate to miss it (there's only one an hour) I got to the stop ten minutes early and I had lots of time to admire the graffiti.

The first graffito, just above the bench, was the kind of thing you might expect:

But then someone felt all pastoral on the side wall:

And someone else got all philosophical opposite:

For some reason no one makes graffiti on the outside of the bus shelter, but its surface is completely covered in staples:

They're left over from years of posters advertising plays, sports, music and campaigns, and I'm sure that the poster stickers don't see themselves as graffiti artists ...