Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Running in the rain

Can you tell? This is a picture of a very happy woman.

I'm soaking wet after running through the woods in the pouring rain and I loved it so much that when I got home I stayed out in the garden - once you're wet, you're wet, after all, and it was delicious to feel the rain running down my scalp as I squelched across the grass.

What a luxury the rain is - I had the woods all to myself. Not even one hardy dog walker was out. Maybe I shouldn't say this in case you all rush to join me in my glorious sodden solitude, but it's beautiful out there - green and juicy, streams running in surprising places, the earth exhaling that special scent of tiny things growing...

... and setting off new ideas in my mind. I'm off now. A story came to me as I ran in the rain this morning, so I'm going to start writing it now.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Here's what remains to me of the jubilee - one slice of strawberry macaroon cake going soft in the fridge.

I imagine the Queen's kitchens are heaving with leftovers - what do they do with them? Or do the servants chew on cucumber sandwiches for weeks, until they're so dry only the swans will eat them?

I wonder if the Queen's ever wanted to blend in with the rest of us. Would she be freaked out to find herself in the park in my village, sitting on a blanket next to me and my neighbours, drinking Pimms, and watching the world go by with no one noticing her?

I wonder if I had more fun than she did?